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You are cordially invited to share in the adventures of a pair of Northern Barred Owls (Strix varia varia) as they raise their family in a nest box in Eastern Massachusetts. Rest assured that all of the pictures and sounds that you will experience are being obtained through "owl friendly" methods. The outside photos are being taken with a supertelephoto lens at a range of 110 feet, while the internal shots are products of  miniature low-light video cameras inside the owl's nest box. There are also highly sensitive microphones inside the nest box to record sounds never before heard by human ears. The "Adventures" links below lead to the story of the barred owl family's first eight seasons in the nest box, while the "Whatever" link provides nest building instructions plus additional features. The OwlCam DVD link leads to a description of a feature length DVD that tells the story of a full nesting season. Entering the first link will lead you through the entire site. For sharpest images, your display adapter should be set for 24-bit (True Color).  Copyright by owlbox@owlcam.com

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If you are searching for help for an injured owl or a baby owl that has fallen to the ground, go to the international How to locate a Wildlife Rehabilitator  page to find help in your area. Incapacitated owls instinctively refuse help from humans and will almost always die without professional help. Baby owls often fall to the ground, but usually climb back up into a tree if left alone and protected from pets.