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The OwlCam DVD is now available at Amazon and is priced at $19.95 plus standard Amazon shipping and handling charges. Free Amazon Super Saver shipping is available to those who combine their purchase with other qualifying Amazon items to bring their total purchase to $25 or more. Click the Disc on the right to go to the Amazon OwlCam product page.  For some short low-resolution samples of what is on the DVD, take a look at the online video clips below.
If you are ordering from outside the U.S.A., Please make sure that your DVD player is capable of playing NTSC Discs. NTSC is the standard format in America, but also plays on most DVD players where PAL (the other standard) is dominant. Also note that the narration is in English.
Online Videos

If you would like to view low resolution samples of what's on the DVD and have a wideband (cable or DSL) connection, the following two-minute clips can be downloaded by clicking the images.  The download time should be less than 1 minute with a cable/DSL connection. Note that these are highly compressed, low resolution versions of what appears on the actual DVD which contains almost two hours of full screen video and tells the story of a complete nesting season. This still frame from the DVD offers a better indication of the quality of the DVD video and also makes a very nice desktop wallpaper. Those with dial-up telephone connections might also view the video clips, but download  time could approach one hour, so that you should schedule it at a time when you can do without your telephone for a while.

Third Egg

Ernie Appears

Stepping Out

Left Behind

Independent Reviews

The most extensive review to date of the OwlCam DVD was published by the London-based author of a natural history website. The site documents an ongoing study of the forces shaping the English countryside and features some fascinating observations and recordings of the Tawny Owls that reside there. Yes, the owl that you will see looking at the DVD package on the review page is very real and you can learn more about her by following the Owl links that appear to the left of the review. Click here to read the review

An addition review by Deane P. Lewis, creator of  The Owl Pages, can be found at: Owl Pages Review.


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