OwlCam DVD

OwlCam, The Hidden World presents the true story of Ward and June's successful 2001 nesting season in a way that both educates and entertains.  This feature length film is highlighted by the most spectacular scenes selected from more than one thousand hours of video and audio. With multiple cameras and microphones both inside and around the nest, it takes you as close as a human can come to living the life of an owl. The DVD is organized into five chapters of roughly twenty minutes each. These chapters correspond to the various phases of nesting activity and can be selected from the main menu. There are also four "Scene Selector" menus, such as the one shown below, which allow you to revisit any one the 23 more memorable scenes. Note that this is only a screen shot of the real menu and that the buttons are not functional on this web depiction.

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This is only a picture of one of the four real Scene Selector menus. These Buttons Do Not Work!


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