Demon Chicks

First Chick (19K)Even though it is still a week or more away from branching, this aggressive chick climbed up the side of the nest yesterday to gain a better feeding position. While it is hard to imagine a week-old chick looking menacing, that's the word that comes to mind when I see this one in action. It flaps its wings, rips at the sticks that keep it confined and snaps at the food Emma dangles before it. Feeding these chicks could definitely be hazardous to your health and Ace is leaving the job entirely to Emma. He continues to deliver food to his distant transfer point where Emma meets him to receive it. Emma has also been doing some nest repair work which involves repositioning sticks that may have been displaced by the chicks and bringing in new sticks to bolster the nest. There appear to be at least two chicks and watching them is like watching the owlets in fast-forward. They are pure energy.

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