When I arrived at my observation point on June 15th, there was no sign of either Emma or the chicks in the nest. This was totally unexpected because the chicks are far too young to leave the nest and I am not aware of any local predator that might threaten them. Continued observations over the next three days revealed that both adults are still in the area, but are not landing on the nest. On several occasions, they have exchanged calls and Emma has flown toward Ace. Ace responded by flying away from her and repeating his single "Kek" call. She then follows him and repeats the distressed shriek that first appeared on the June 7th page. I've heard this call repeated in the distance many times over the last few days. Emma was still in the area of the nest this morning and at one point flew to a branch just over my head to devour a prey item. She seems oblivious to my presence as she goes about her routine of alternately hunting and then being harassed by other birds. Her continued presence near the nest raises the possibility of renesting (common among many raptors), but I've not been able to find any records of this happening with Cooper's Hawks. I will continue to monitor activity around the nest and report any significant developments. If anyone has knowledge of Cooper's Hawk behavior that might explain this strange turn of events, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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