Busy Neighbors

perchwide.jpg (60996 bytes)

nestperspective.jpg (35107 bytes)While Ward and June may be taking a year off, their neighbors the Cooper's Hawks have been busy at work. They have constructed a huge nest sixty feet up in a pine tree and are now incubating their eggs. On my first visit to the nesting area (just a few hundred yards from Ward and June's) I was greeted with the same loud kek-kek-kek call that one of  them used to try to intimidate Theodore last summer. They have since gotten used to my presence in the area and completely ignore me. While there are many things that intrigue me about this fierce predator, the most puzzling for now is the immature appearance of the hawk that has been doing most or all of the incubating. I can find only one account of such behavior by cooper's hawks and this was A. C. Bent's story of an immature bird taking over for a mature female that had been shot. As I continue to observe their behavior, I hope to provide more insight into this and many of the other secrets of this pair of hawks.

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