Ward entered the nest again at 4am yesterday with a loud thud. While I suspected that he was again stashing food, I was amazed to find this sight when dawn illuminated the nest. Grown rabbits, such as this one, typically weight about 50% more than Ward does and are rare catches for barred owls. Since Ward only needs to eat about 15% of his weight (3 mice) each day, the two meals he made of this rabbit should allow him to store enough energy to make it through the big snow storm that is hitting the area today. He didn't have to worry about thawing this half of the rabbit when he returned, because the temperature was just above freezing for much of the day. It's been more than a month since I've heard June's call and I assume she is doing here hunting elsewhere. If she is proving as resourceful as Ward, they should be in good shape for raising a family this spring.

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