Serious Housekeeping

June has returned to the area and is making up for lost time. The first evidence of her presence came at noon on March 8th, when she responded enthusiastically to Ward's classic hoot. This exchange was quickly followed by a  frenzied mating duet which has been repeated many times since then. More significantly, she has made six nighttime nest entries since then--each characterized by loud scratching and rearranging of nesting material. On last night's visit, her housekeeping was followed by a series of loud whining calls which were answered by Ward's distant monkey calls. This is far more activity than I saw last year and is approaching the level that preceded their successful 1998 nesting. I hope to see more activity in the next few weeks as they approach their most likely first-egg date (March 15-April 15).

Don't miss the little screech owl that is already incubating her eggs at: Chris' Eastern Screech Owl Nest Box Cam. (

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