First Egg

The strange coughing sound that came from the darkened nest box last night was something that I had not heard for two years. It is the sound that June repeats at five second intervals while she is laying an egg! The nesting season had started at last and Ward responded by delivering two meals to the nest box in the next two hours. He announced his arrivals with his monkey call and June responded with loud squeals as she accepted his deliveries. June is shown here as she changes her incubating position by sticking her tail up in the air and doing one of her famous pirouettes.
June spent most of her day incubating the egg as she is seen doing here while dozing in the sun. She seemed quite patient throughout the day, but left abruptly at 5pm after calling for Ward for several minutes and getting no response. The egg went unincubated until she returned five hours later. Ward stopped by with a meal just five minutes after her return and she squealed and accepted it with her usual enthusiasm. I'm a bit concerned about the egg being left alone for so long in this cool weather, but she did the same thing with her first egg in 1998. It appears to take more than one egg to hold her attention.

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