Difficult Times

The snow and cold weather are testing Ward's hunting skills and June's patience. He managed to deliver only one meal last night and has not returned since. June has been surprisingly patient and only called to him once today, but leaps to the doorway every time she hears anything that sounds like a meal arriving. She is shown here returning to her eggs only a few seconds after one of those false alarms. Ward's difficulties are a result of the wet snow that muffles the sounds of  the footsteps of his prey, and the clouds that block out the moonlight he uses to see at night. Last night's snowstorm is being followed by rain and high winds which will present equal challenges tonight, but he has proven highly resourceful in the past and will undoubtedly find a way to catch up in the next few days. June must average about three "mouse size" meals a day, but can get by with less for short periods. While she usually sleeps when she is incubating, today she spent many hours shredding the woodchips around her eggs and has also collected quite a few feathers and placed them under the eggs. I assume that she is doing this to help keep them warm in the unseasonably cold weather.

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