Serious Housekeeping

As spring approaches, it's looking more like the owls will nest this year. June has made at least two visits to the nest box for each of the last five nights. On each of the visits, she entered the nest and spent five or more minutes vigorously rearranging and chomping on the wood chips. In past nesting seasons, such behavior has been followed by one long daylight visit a couple of days before the first egg is laid. First egg dates in past years have been March 16th and March 23rd, but winter has lingered longer than usual, so that I expect it to be a bit later this year. June is shown here roosting in the top of a pine tree where she keep an eye on the nest box all day today. Ward was roosting about one hundred yards away, and they exchanged classic hoots several times during the day. Still no guarantees, but it is looking increasingly likely that they will nest.

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