First Egg

It was a cold rainy morning as Ward delivered a mouse to June while she sat on the nest box floor. This type of room service does not normally start until she lays her first egg, but there was no egg. It was starting to look like she had tricked him until she started making the egg cough sound that she always makes while she is laying an egg. Five minutes later, she stood up to reveal her first egg of the season. It had come on exactly the same date as last year's first egg! She must have quite a calendar built into her head. Ward is apparently doing a good job with the hunting as June was so well fed that she did not eat the mouse for several hours and did not call to him all day. She did, however, leave the nest at sunset in response to Ward's call and will probably be out for most of the night. Serious incubation does not start until the second egg is laid. Let's hope that this is the start of another good year for the owl family.

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