Dangerous Times

After a night with only one food delivery, June lost faith in Ward this morning and went out to do her own hunting. She is shown here hunting from a perch about 10 feet off the ground, just before giving up and returning to the nest. She was out for 45 minutes on this attempt. Later in the day, she made two more trips which each lasted about thirty minutes and also ended in failure. This is the first times in all the years I've been watching her that she has left her eggs to hunt in daylight. When she was in the nest, she repeated a distressed version of her whining call again and again. Notice how it differs from the more relaxed whining call that your heard last week. Ward redeemed himself by making three food deliveries in the first two hours after sunset, but June continues with her distressed whining anyway. I'm beginning to suspect that there may not be enough prey in the territory this year after all, but hope that Ward will somehow be able to meet the challenge. If he is not able to meet her needs, June will be forced to abandon her eggs and wait for next year. Let's hope that Ward's early success tonight carries over, so that June will be able to stay with her eggs tomorrow.

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