Three Snake Day

June's endless whining has driven Ward to work around the clock. After delivering four meals last night, he returned just before noon today with this Eastern Ribbon Snake. Even though it was almost two feet long, she swallowed it in a matter of seconds and called for more. Ward dutifully flew back into the woods as June continued to hoot and whine. Two hours later he showed up with a second ribbon snake which June devoured with equal vigor and again called for more. Ward was back again an hour later with a third ribbon snake dangling from his beak, but this time he refused to deliver it to the nest box. Instead, he announced his arrival in a nearby tree with a monkey call and ignored June's squeals for another in-home delivery. She finally gave up and went out to retrieve the snake, but was back in the nest in less than five minutes. Ward resumed his work shortly after dark and had made three more deliveries before 11pm. While today's snake deliveries were the first I've seen this year, barred owls are known to eat a wide variety of snakes. Over the years, Ward has also brought home Garter Snakes, Milk Snakes, and Ring-Necked Snakes.

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