More Than Enough

For the first time ever, Ward brought home more food than June could eat last night. She is shown here peeping out of the nest at 5:30 this morning, just before she went out for a five-minute break. It had been a night when Ward delivered at least six meals and the bone crunching that followed two of them suggested they were substantial. There was no whining when she returned to the nest as she devoted all of her energy to incubating and rotating the eggs. 
Two hours after June returned from her early morning break, Ward landed in a nearby tree with a mouse and hooted for June to come out for it. She responded with a few gentle whines but refused to even climb up to the door. After a bit more hooting, Ward gave up and delivered the mouse directly to the nest. He is shown here just before flying away after reaching down to give the mouse to June. She accepted it politely, but dropped it on the floor after he left. It remained there until 4:30 in the afternoon when she was finally hungry enough to eat it. This is the first time that June has stored food in the nest before the owlets have hatched. If Ward is able to keep up this pace, it could be a very good year.

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