Afternoon Snack

After another night which included more than five food deliveries, June spent a quiet day basking in the warm sun that streamed through her door. She and Ward exchanged classic hoots at 10am, but there were very few of the whines that she uses to let Ward know when she is hungry. It was therefore a surprise to her when he approached the nest at 3pm with a ribbon snake dangling from his beak (upper picture). He touched down on the rail, pushed the snake through the door and was off again before June had a chance to react. His nearly four-foot wing span can be seen in the lower picture just after he sprung from the rail and headed back into woods. That was his only daylight delivery today, but he was back shortly after sunset with his first delivery of the night and shows now signs of letting up. The good hunting weather that we have enjoyed for the last few days is scheduled to end tomorrow with rain, so that things will not be so easy for the next few days.

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