Big Challenge

When the sun came up this morning, June raised up for just long enough to reveal a third egg. She is shown here inspecting the eggs as she moves them around with her feet before settling back down to incubate them for the rest of the day. She has not left the nest in daylight since laying the second egg two days ago, and has limited her nighttime excursions to less than 15 minutes.  Ward appears to be having difficulty catching enough prey for her and made only one delivery last night. She greeted him with this wild sequence, which inspired him to continue hunting for most of the day. He did not have much success, as the crows were unrelenting in their harassment and prevented him from making any more deliveries during the day. He did, however, call home twice and June let him know that she was hungry by responding with both classic hoots and whines. The cold and rainy weather that has been making his nighttime hunting difficult is scheduled to last for several days, so that June's first few days of  full-time incubation will be difficult ones.

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