Hungry Day

It's now been more than twenty four hours since June has had a meal and she has been complaining about it all day. Ward has yet to answer either her hoots or whines, and I assume that he has moved to a distant part of the territory in search of better hunting. While hunting is always difficult this time of year, his job has been made even more difficult by the damp snow that fell throughout the night and continued for much of the day. June needs to average about three mouse-size meals per day, but can tolerate a few bad days and catch up when things improve. The bad weather is, however, predicted to continue for the next few days so that her patience may be tested. She is shown here looking up toward  the sound of some crows flying overhead, which is often the first indication that Ward is hunting nearby. It proved to be a false alarm this time and there continues to be no sign of Ward in the area. (11pm)

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