A Better Day

Ward finally made a direct delivery to the nest box at 2am this morning and June greeted him with an unusually wild hooting sequence. A few hours later, he called her out with his wailing call  for what must have been a second meal. As a result, June seemed much more relaxed this morning and spent most of the day sleeping as she is seen doing here. She did very little whining today and responded calmly to Wards 10am call home with a single classic hoot. 
Just after noon, June heard something outside the nest that caused her to spring up into the door. She is shown here as she looked down on the chipmunk that had disturbed her sleep. While the fifteen minute limit on her trips outside the nest prevents her from going out in search of prey, this was too good for her to pass up. She pounced on the chipmunk, enjoyed a good meal, and was back on her eggs in less than five minutes. This, along with the two meals she had last night should help her get thought the cold and damp weather that is scheduled to continue for the nest few days. I still have not figured out why Ward is so reluctant to approach the nest, but hope he gets over it soon.

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