Daylight Housekeeping

When June enters the nest in daylight to rearrange the wood chips, it is a strong indication that she is only days away from laying her first egg. She made  two of these entries today and spent more than three hours arranging and rearranging each chip. She seemed unusually nervous about being in the nest in daylight and stretched up to peer out the door  at the slightest sound. She also checked out the camera a couple of times as she is seen doing here, but did not seem overly concerned about it.
When she was satisfied with the new arrangement, she climbed slowly up into the doorway where she rested until she heard Ward calling from a nearby tree. Her departure was slow and awkward as she first climbed down to the rail so that she could get a running start on her takeoff. This is probably an indication that she is carrying the extra weight of two or more eggs. Ward should be doing most of the hunting now,  and it is likely that she was going out to accept a meal from him. They could be heard calling to each other many times today, and appear to be ready to start the serious business of raising a family any day now.

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