Close Call for Woody

When June divided up the final bits of food at 4pm today, Dexter (under June's right wing) got the first pieces and would have eaten it all if June had let him. She did not, however, and started feeding Daphne who is seen under her left wing. Woody, who is in the middle, appeared to be out of luck as June picked up the last piece of mouse and started to feed it to Daphne. At this point, Woody took action. He reached up and intercepted the whole center section of the very large mouse before it reached Daphne. It was almost as big as Woody's head and it was a real struggle for him to swallow it. As soon as it disappeared down his throat, he fell to the floor where he lay motionless.  June had been watching very closely and soon started poking him with her beak. She then reached under his neck, pushed his head to the side and rubbed her beak across his neck several times. As she did this, Woody suddenly woke up and climbed to his feet as if nothing had happened. While it is possible that the timing was a coincidence, June's actions were so purposeful that I felt that I had witnessed an owl's version of the Heimlich Maneuver.

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