Happy Mother's Day

As Ward flew away this morning after delivering a mouse, he had no idea what was going on in the nest behind him. He just brings in the prey when June calls and owlets somehow come out the door after a couple of months. Inside the nest, June had already started dividing up the mouse for three very hungry owlets who were wheezing, peeping and even biting her feathers as they eagerly waited their turn. She again started with Dexter, who was making the most noise and reaching the highest, but somehow knew just when to cut him off and give the other owlets their share. Dexter was not happy with this and started snapping his beak and trying to pull food away from Woody, but was not successful. Getting the right amount of food to each owlet was more critical today because the crows are back in full force and limited Ward to only one daylight delivery. In additions to the crows, Ward was also pursued by a very angry coopers hawk, which is probably nesting in the area again this year.

The owlets handled the food shortage surprisingly well and slept quietly under June for most of the day. They were, however more than ready when Ward made his first nighttime delivery at 8pm.

Rain is predicted for the next few days, so that Ward will have his work cut out for him in his last few days as the lone hunter in the family. June normally joins in the hunt when the owlets are around ten days old, but may be happy to be spending this cold rainy night inside the dry warm nest with the owlets. Loud thunder can now be heard as heavy rain pounds on the roof of the nest box. (11:30pm) 

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