Owlet Riot

While June was out of the nest this morning, the owlets huddled together quietly to keep warm, but as soon as her feet hit the doorway they exploded into a wild feeding frenzy. She had caught a small mouse just outside the nest and each owlet was determined to get it all. Woody was crushed in the middle as Dexter and Daphne leaped on June and started biting on her wings to get her attention. Their wheezing and peeping was deafening as they  thrashed their wings and tried to jump high enough to get the mouse. June, however, took it very calmly and corralled them under her wings before she let them get close to the mouse. Each one was then given a few bites, but they were far from satisfied and continued wheezing long after the food ran out. It had been a cold rainy night and Ward had made  only three food deliveries. He attempted to make several other deliveries during the day, but was driven away by the crows who have been relentless for the last two days. The rain is scheduled to continue for the next few days, so that nighttime hunting will be difficult and cool temperatures should continue to limit Junes time outside the nest. She was out for less than twenty minutes today and this is not enough time to do any serious hunting. Barred owls use a hide and pounce technique that sometimes requires hours of waiting before prey happens by. 

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