Catching Up

Since the loss of the owlets, June has been hunting throughout the days as she is seen doing here on the 25th. With no owlets to feed, this  extensive daytime hunting should not be necessary and suggests that she was in a weakened condition during her final days in the nest. It is quite likely that the shortage of prey made this year a tough one for all of the critters in her territory and would have caused further difficulties for the owlets had they survived. June has also been doing a lot of hooting at night with some classic hooting sessions lasting for more than two hours; but Ward has not responded. He has not been heard from for more than a week, and may have temporarily left the territory in search of better hunting as barred owls sometimes do. June's daytime calls have, however, been answered a couple of times by what sounds like a one-year-old male. The call is a timid and disorganized one in which June has shown little interest. It is probably a young "floater"' that will travel around looking for a mate for a couple of more years before it can convince a female that it is capable of supporting a family. June has made no nest visits since the 18th, so that renesting seems increasingly unlikely.

Further activities will be covered through a "summer" link which will be added to the 2003 Adventures page.

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