Dexter and Daphne

Dexter the owl refused to wait till daylight to bust out of his shell. He could just be seen in the shadows as he stuck his head out from under June and peeped for food at 5:40 am. Since he was already white, fluffy, and dry he must have been  out for several hours by this time. Newly hatched owlets are damp and pink for the first few hours. In spite of his tiny size, he was already calling for food with both peeps and wheezes. When June tried to accommodate him by ripping apart a big bird that Ward had delivered the night before, Dexter climbed up onto the back of the bird to make sure she didn't forget that it was for him. He is constantly thrashing about by pushing himself around with his wing stubs, and is easily the most aggressive owlet ever hatched in June's nest box.
Two hours later, Dexter was no longer an only owlet. Daphne broke through her shell with her beak and called for June to help her out with both peeps and wheezes. June then started biting off large chunks of Daphne's shell and eating them until she was also free to push herself around with her wing stubs. She is the one on the right in this picture while Dexter is resting his head on the unhatched egg. Since she was hatched within hours of Dexter, it wont be long until she is bigger than he is. Female owls are typically about 20% bigger than males by the time they become adults. The owlets are alone in this picture because Ward had called June out to accept another large bird  he had caught. When June returned a few minutes later, Daphne was ready to compete for food and was already wheezing loud enough to get her share.

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