One Day Old

Dexter and Daphne slept under June for most of the day, but woke up every couple of hours to demand food. Each time June heard them peeping and wheezing, she reached for the large bird that they started yesterday. They are shown here just after they climbed out to accept the small bites of prey that she placed in their beaks. Dexter was the first one out and was getting most of the food until Daphne pushed her way in on the left and reached high enough to get her share. It was a warm sunny day, so that June was able to leave the owlets alone and go out for a thirty minute visit with Ward. During June's absence, they huddled together along with the egg to keep warm. If that egg is to hatch, it should happen in the next two days.

Ward was back again just after sunset with another delivery and is keeping up with the growing needs of the family thus far.

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