Hungry Owlets

Ward did a little better last night with three food deliveries, but the owlets finished up the last of it by 7am. After a good night, there should be enough food stored on the floor to last through the day, but Ward has not achieved this goal so far this year. He was therefore forced to continue hunting in daylight and was back at 10am with the small snake that he is seen delivering here. That was his last daylight delivery as the crows could be heard harassing him in the distance. I had not previously seen owlets eat snake before they were one week old, but June was able to rip it up into small enough pieces to allow them to polish it off in about twenty minutes. This was enough to keep them reasonably quiet for most of the day, but they were more than ready when he made his next delivery at 9pm. He has made two more deliveries since then. June had a scare at 11pm when another nocturnal creature could be heard creeping toward the nest in the darkness. When she realized that it was coming toward the nest, she distracted it by flying to a nearby tree and snapping her beak. It worked again and the creature could be heard walking away from the nest as June returned to brooding the owlets.

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