Happy Meal

With only three food deliveries again last night, June divided up the last of the prey among the owlets at 7am. By 10am the owlets were wheezing for more and June was repeating her most alarming squeal as a message to Ward. Ward got the message and showed up with a chipmunk at 10:30am. This was a much more substantial catch than the small snake he brought yesterday and will provide several good meals for each of the owlets. Feeding the owlets is not, however, a simple task and it's no wonder that Ward does not share in the duty. June spends almost as much time studying the owlets reactions to things (as she is seen doing here) as she does feeding them.
After satisfying herself that an owlet is ready for another bite of food, she leans over and allows the owlet to wrestle the morsel from her beak. She does not make it easy; but instead forces the owlet reach up and tug on it to prove that it is really hungry. If one does not show enough enthusiasm, she will go to the next owlet.

The weather has been perfect for hunting for the last few days (dry and still) and I am surprised that Ward is not having more success with his nighttime hunting. He will have to do a lot better as the owlets and their appetites grow.

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