Woody's Revenge

It was another very good day for the owl family as Ward again brought in more food than the owlets could eat. They did, however, make a spirited effort as June carefully divided up a large bird that Ward brought in at 10am. The biggest surprise came when June was getting ready to feed an entire leg to Daphne (on the left) and Woody (center) reached up and took it away. June watched in amazement as Woody swallowed the whole thing. That's the foot sticking out of his beak, just before he finished it off. Woody also handled himself well while June was out of the nest earlier in the morning. He struggled back to his feet every time an older owlet knocked him over and was standing right in the middle when June  returned from her fifteen- minute visit with Ward. One of the big reasons for Ward's recent success with daytime hunting has been an unexplained absence of harassing crows. Things will undoubtedly get tougher when they return.

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