Night Vision

One of the measures taken to guard against fishers has been the addition of a night vision capability to monitor any activity in or near the nest box. Both of these pictures were taken during full darkness and revealed nest box visitors that I had never seen before. The upper picture is of a flying squirrel who became a regular visitor to the nest box. It sometimes arrived with acorns, which it buried in the wood chips. On one occasion, it entered with a half eaten acorn stuck in its mouth and ran around banging it against the walls until it freed itself. While flying squirrels are common in this area, their nocturnal life makes sightings very rare.

The lower picture shows a little screech owl peeping into the nest box through an opening that would normally be covered by the side-camera compartment. Screech owls usually avoid barred owls and this one was far too nervous to actually enter the nest box. This nest box is a temporary replacement for the original OwlCam nest box and will soon be replaced with a new fisher-resistant nest box. I'm told that "fisher-proof" would be impossible, but believe that I have a design that will make it extremely difficult for anything but a bird to get in.


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