Still Around

When I saw this fisher bounding through the snow just a few feet from the nest box, I was reassured that the new nest box had not been an over-reaction to last season's setback. This marks the fifth time that I have seen a fisher in the immediate area of the nest box in the last five years and demonstrates that it is more than an occasional visitor. It moved through the deep snow and dense underbrush with such ease that it almost looked like it was flying at times. Its fur appeared a little lighter in color than it had been in the summer, which is probably a normal seasonal change.

June also made her first appearance in the area in almost two months as she was chased by a flock of crows and smaller birds while trying to do some daytime hunting on Dec 3rd. She attempted to escape into the nest box as she often has in the past, but was unable to get in when she tried to grasp the slick surface below the door rather than landing directly in the door. She flew away unharmed, but was not seen again until Dec 11th when she appeared hunting in the distance. While she could have entered without a problem by landing directly in the doorway as she often has in the past, I did modify the design slightly to make it easier for her in the future. The wooden ring that surrounds the door now extends 4 inches below it and has three gripping grooves for her talons. After witnessing the fisher's incredible agility again today, I will probably also add more Lexan to the bottom of the nest box to make an approach from bellow even more difficult. There has been no sign of Ward in the area.

The new nest box held up well in the 40 mph winds that accompanied out worst December storm on record. The large surface area, however, must have generated forces that could have destroyed a weaker material than the Lexan. 


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