Reflections & Plans

I am afraid that it is time to recognize that Ward and June's incredible string of successful nesting seasons  has come to an end. I have not heard from Ward since last year's fisher attack and have not heard from June since January 3rd, when she spent thirty minutes hooting from a perch near the nest. Her hoots went unanswered,  as they had for the previous seven months as she circled the boundaries of her territory calling for a mate. My guess is that she then left the area in search of a new mate in one of the many active barred owl territories nearby. Her failure to return suggests that she may very well  have found one. Ward and June were at least ten years old, which is greater than the seven-year life expectancy of the average  barred owl, and they certainly had more than their share of nesting successes.  In the seven  years that they nested here, they succeeded in raising eleven young owls who have probably produced many owlets  by now. This picture of Ward and June was taken more than five years ago, but is still my favorite. The Family Tree link on the 2004 Adventures page  provides a recap of their remarkable successes.

What's Next for OwlCam? 

With eleven of Ward and June's offspring living in nearby territories, there is a high probability that another young pair of owls will happen upon the nest box in some future nesting season and start things all over again. The nest box will remain in place and may even be improved further to prepare for that possibility. The OwlCam Website  will also remain up indefinitely so that new viewers can discover the incredible hidden world that we have shared with the owls over the last seven years. There will also be occasional updates to report any owl sightings or other interesting critter developments. 

My immediate focus will be on producing the OwlCam DVD. It will be a 90-minute video version of a full nesting season and will feature the best of more than 500 hours of video and audio that I have recorded over the years. It's taking longer than I had anticipated, but I now hope to have it ready sometime this summer. It will be offered through this site and will probably be priced at around twenty dollars. If you would like to be notified when it becomes available, send an email to Your email address will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared with anyone.

Within the next few weeks, I will start posting some short streaming videos that will give a flavor of the type of material contained in the DVD. Further information on these videos will be posted on the 2004 Adventures page. You will probably need a wideband cable or DSL connection to view these streaming videos as I am unable to get video and audio quality that is worthy of the owls on a dial-up connection. My apologies to the many OwlCam fans with dial-up connections, but the DVD will provide much better resolution when it becomes available.

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