Ward and June's Legacy

1997: Peanut

With no camera inside the nest, the first owlet sighting did not come until June 3rd when Peanut pulled himself into the doorway and hung by his beak. He next appeared on Ward's favorite perch in early September. Peanut is probably a grandfather by now. 

1998: Wally & Theodore

The first inside camera revealed the first of three eggs on  March 16th. Two of the eggs hatched to give us our first inside look at the owl's hidden world. Wally and Theodore both left the nest on May 24th, and made appearances in the area throughout the summer. 

Wally & Theodore, May 20th

Wally, June 18th

1999: No new family this year

Wally and Theodore were the only owlets allowed to stay in their parent's territory beyond the fall of their hatching year. Without a new family in '99, there was enough prey to go around.

2000: Rufus, Emily, Seymour

Seymour hatched late and faced the greatest challenges, but overcame them all and has probably started his own family by now. 

2001: Emmett, Abigail, Ernie

Good hunting conditions made this a relatively easy year for the owl family. Ward, however, looked surprised and confused when he arrived with a mouse and found all three owlets outside the nest for the first time.

2002: Spencer & Penelope

Penelope was very reluctant to leave the nest and appeared frozen on the rail until June came in to reassure her. Both owlets spent a pleasant summer with their parents before striking out on their own in the fall.

2003: Dexter, Daphne, Woody

Ward and June's luck finally ran out when a fisher took all three owlets before they were old enough to leave the nest. They were the rowdiest group of owlets and had many wild adventures during their two weeks in the nest. 

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