Owl Adventures 2004

There has been no sign of either Ward or June since January 3rd when June spent thirty minutes hooting near the nest box. Her calls again went unanswered and it is quite possible that she left the territory in search of another mate. The nest box is shown here with a light snow cover  in mid-February. The picture was taken at midnight with the aid of an IR illuminator that allows me to keep an eye on the nest on even the darkest night. While there is a possibility that June does not recognize this strange new structure as a nest, the absence of owl calls tells me that it is far more likely that the owls are simply not in the area. It is not unusual for barred owls to skip a nesting season after a particularly bad winter and this could be one of those years for Ward and June. I am, however, still hopeful that they will show up in the next few weeks, and will report any sightings when they occur. Meanwhile, I continue to make progress on the OwlCam DVD and hope to make it available  in the next few months.


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