2006 OwlCam Updates

It's looking more and more like the owls are not going to accept the new nest box design, but continued fisher sightings prevent me from going back to an unsafe nest box. There have been two barred owl sightings in the area over the last six months, but the owls have shown no interest in the new nest box. The safety of the box has, however, been confirmed by the fact that only small birds have entered it. Not even the flying squirrels that scamper up and down the tree trunk at night have been able to figure out how to get in. I'm still considering putting up a more conventional box and protecting it with an elaborate infrared detection and high voltage shock system, but this would be a major engineering effort that I'm not yet ready to take on. I will update this page with any further owl activities.
In the mean time, the OwlCam DVD is now available. To learn more, follow this link: OwlCam DVD

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