Building The Owl House

January 1997:

Nest BoxThe urge to build an owl house finally overcame me during that dreaded period between New Years Day and the Superbowl. While numerous "experts" had advised me that it was a long shot, the thought of watching flightless barred owlets from the comfort of my home made it seem worth a try. I started with the 14-inch x 14-inch x 28-inch dimensions recommended by WildBird Magazine, and added my own innovations. These included cedar shingles, an internal "owlet ladder" and an external owl rail. By the end of January my project had grown into a 48-pound behemoth that pleaded to remain earthbound in the warmth of my workshop. It took a complex set of pulleys, help from some friends, and several close brushes with death to secure it eighteen feet up in a large pine tree. Now all I had to do was wait. One year? Five years? Only the owls knew.

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