Going Out for a Snack

June in flight (14,814 bytes)June spent almost all of her daylight hours inside the nest from early April until late May. Presumably, this behavior coincided with the barred owl's 30-day incubation period and two-week brooding period. Her only daylight appearances during this time came when she stuck her head out for five to ten minutes of sun or when she was frightened out of the nest by some disturbance. Any activity within 100 feet of the nest was likely to trigger such a departure. During the last week of  May she began to make voluntary daylight excursions. On the occasion pictured here, she is seen leaving for a short trip at mid-day. By the end of May, she was spending her days outside of the nest--first on the owl rails and later in  nearby trees. She always chose a perch that allowed her to watch over the nest and comfort the owlets by repeating this call. Throughout this period, Ward maintained an owl's version of bankers hours--he hunted at night and perched in nearby trees in daylight.

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