1997 Nest Box Adventures

June In DorwayThe silence of our cold March nights was pierced by an incredible variety of barred owl calls. These calls ranged from the classic solo "who cooks for you" to wild duets that culminated in blood curdling screeches. On several occasions, these calls appeared to be coming from the immediate area of the nest box. There was, however, no apparent daytime activity and no visible evidence that the owls had moved into their intended home.

This all changed on the third of April when I looked out the window and saw an owl watching me eat lunch. What a spectacular sight it was as it completely filled the eight-inch door of its new home. It scanned the horizon from this position for about ten minutes before settling back down into the nest.

Over the next two months, this owl and her mate made many more appearances. I could not resist the temptation to name the pair Ward and June as their division of labor initially suggested a very traditional family. June took care of the nest while Ward played the role of provider.

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