Calling Home

call_hom.jpg (21658 bytes)Ward and June are now settling into a daily routine. Ward uses the classic hoot to call home from his distant daytime perch about twice each day. Unfortunately, this hoot also alerts the crows to his position. They then swarm around him until he gives up and looks for another roost. He persists in making these calls in spite of the harassment they bring.
hoot_res.jpg (12299 bytes)When June hears Ward's distant call, she sits up excitedly and cuts loose with a series of hoots that rock the nest. This must be their way of letting each other know that everything is OK.

June is now spending all of her daylight hours incubating the eggs and is restricting her nighttime outings to less than five minutes. Ward makes two or three food deliveries on a good night, but could only manage one in the snow and heavy wind that prevailed Saturday night and Sunday morning. June is preserving her energy by sleeping a lot.


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