Early Delivery (3-16-98)

egg1_2.jpg (8685 bytes)June laid her first egg of the season today. This was about two weeks earlier than normal for this part of  New England and at least two weeks earlier than June's first egg last year. As she laid the egg at 9:30  this morning, she repeated this strange coughing sound (95K) for several minutes. She was so diligent with her incubation duties, that the partially obscured picture at right was the best I could do for today.
ball16.jpg (11932 bytes)The most surprising thing about June's actions (other than the cough) was the roughness with which she handled the egg. She used her beak to knock it around like a billiard ball as she moved it from one incubation position to another. In this picture she is seen reaching between her wing and tail to rotate the egg. The sound of her beak on the egg indicated that this was also less than a delicate procedure. Those eggs must be as tough as rocks.

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