Nourishing The Eggs (3-27-97)

As June incubates her three eggs, she follows the sun like a computer driven solar array. This picture shows her positioning herself to soak up the maximum available energy from the sun streaming through her door.  She has recently started to combine these activities with considerable preening of her feathers. A distinct vibrating sound (similar to the shuffling of a deck of cards) can be heard as her mouth slides over one of her larger feathers.  She also continues to chew on the wood scraps that litter the floor.

High Efficiency

solar2.jpg (10741 bytes)

June continues to treat the eggs as if they were indestructible. After moving to a new position, she collects the eggs together with her beak, presses them between her body and the floor, and then rocks from side-to-side as she drives them into final position. The eggs can be heard rattling together and scraping across the floor.

Ward has made two food deliveries per night for the last couple of nights and June has been very vocal in showing her appreciation. He is apparently doing all of the hunting, as June has not left the nest for more than ten minutes at a time.


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