1998 Nest Box Adventures

Inside, March 12th This page will provide links to all 1998 nesting activities. Daily updates will be made during periods of high activity. These updates will include the latest OwlCam shots of activities inside the nest plus sound clips. External color photographs will be added when available. June's laying of the first egg on March 16th (two weeks early) should result in the first owlet hatching around April 14th. Expect hungry owlets to be running around the nest ten days later. If all goes well, the still flightless owlets should climb out of the nest and onto nearby branches by late May. Click the dates and other items in the tables below to find out what the owls are doing.
11-29-97 2-25-98 Duet 3-10-98 3-12-98 3-14-98


3-17-98 3-19-98 Egg#2 3-23-98 WOW 3-27-98  
April May Summer

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