Owls Everywhere

Wally Hunting (25K)I am now convinced that both Wally and Theodore remain in the area. On three occasions, I've heard classic hoots from Ward and June's favored roosting area, followed by responses from two owls calling from  an area that I now refer to as the juvenile area. It is the area where Wally and Theodore spent their first few weeks out of the nest, and is seldom if ever used by Ward and June. On several other occasions, I've witnessed "amateurish" daylight hunting by owls coming from the juvenile area. This has happened in perfect hunting weather when adults would easily meet their needs at night and avoid exposing themselves to the hazards of daylight hunting.  This leads me to believe that the young owls hunting and roosting privileges may bet restricted while they are in their parents territory. They visit with their parents and exchange hoots, but may not be permitted to use the best facilities. One of the juveniles -- probably Wally -- is shown here as he scans the area from a hunting perch at 9am on June 5th.

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