Father and Son

The owls are becoming even more vocal and it's beginning to look like Wally and Theodore are still in their parent's territory. While the owl on the right looks and behaves like Ward, the owl on the left is far too small and deferential to be either June or Wally. Since Ward and June would not welcome a stranger into their territory, this is probably Theodore. Theodore preened himself for about thirty minutes while perched in the position shown in the upper picture before walking down the branch and perching next to Ward. Ward at first ignored him and continued dozing in the morning sun, but finally turned toward him and preened him for about five minutes. Theodore looked thinner than I would have expected and had probably experienced a rough winter as most first-year owls do. He then heard something that sounded like a meal and left for some daytime hunting while Ward went back to dozing on the branch. These pictures were taken on May 8th, and I have since heard at least three owls exchanging classic hoots. The third owl was a male and sounded like he was in the area where my neighbor had reported hearing two additional owls several weeks ago.

Stay tuned for pictures of the Cooper's Hawks that are nesting in Ward and June's territory.

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