Amorous Owls

Nest Visit (16K)Ward and June are showing renewed interest in the nest box and in each other. In the last week, they have visited the nest box at least eight times and entered it on three occasions. This image was captured in very dim light at 8:15pm on May 17th. It was the first time that the owls had made such a visit while there was still enough light to capture video. June repeated her   hwu-hwu call from this position for five minutes while Ward wailed from a nearby tree.  She then went inside the nest, made some strange sounds, and picked up a couple of wood chips which she carried out of the nest in her beak.  She then joined Ward in a nearby tree where there silhouettes merged as they hooted in the failing sunlight. They have also been perching close to the nest box in the daytime and frequently exchanging classic hoots. In spite of this activity, I would still be amazed if they started a family this late in the year. Such a late start would give the owlets little time to learn to hunt before winter.

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