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Mobile & Smart
Owl Security Camera
HD 1440p outside & HD 720p Inside Cameras HD 1440p outside & HD 720p Inside Cameras
View, edit, and share up to two weeks of driving View, edit, and share up to two weeks of driving
Real-time video from anywhere Real-time video from anywhere
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Real-Time Video
Owl in action
Sent to your phone in seconds Sent to your phone in seconds
AI alerts & notifications AI alerts & notifications
LIVE View from anywhere LIVE View from anywhere
Privacy-locked encryption Privacy-locked encryption
Protects Cars Driving & Parked
Crashes: You've got the video on your phone right away, so you can tell your side of the story.
Dents: Instant Video Alerts for impacts, so you know what ding happened when.
Stops: Just say the words and Owlcam keeps recording, which tends to keep everyone on their best behavior.
Break-ins: The blinking green beacon says keep away, because being caught on Owlcam means caught by the police.
OMG: The internet loves crazy, weird, and unexpected moments. Share yours instantly.
Owl 911 Assist
"Are you OK? Do you need me to call 911?"

If a crash is detected, a live agent calls the driver through the Owlcam. If there's no answer, the agent calls the driver's phone. If there is still no answer or the driver request assistance, emergency services are dispatched to the Owlcam's GPS location.

(3 month free trial with purchase - renew for $7.99 per month or $79 per year)
Available on iOS and Android
No complicated plans or hidden fees
The Owl LTE Service lets you LIVE View, watch History, and receive video alerts from anywhere.

The service includes:

  • Unlimited video alerts and image notification for motion, impacts, and broken glass.

  • 60 minutes/month of LTE. (Most customers use 30-40 minutes.)

Renewals after the first year
$10 per month or $99 per year
For the rare times that you need more
$5 gets you 60 more minutes
Without service Owlcam still works over direct Wi-Fi
You can get your video when in the car but no remote access or alerts to your phone
Got 6 minutes? It's set up
Easy do-it-yourself install. No pros required!
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Car Security, Reimagined


Dash Cams

LIVE View car on phone from anywhere

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Instant video alerts & image notifications when parked

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Live operator assistance after a crash is detected

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Hands-free voice control

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No exposed cables

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No tools or adhesives

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Easy install in minutes

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Works with cars, trucks vans & SUVs

Owlcam works with all vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, RVs, semi-trucks) made in 1996 or after, except the Tesla Model 3.

Save $50 Today
single owl cam deal
Regularly $299 + $99 Now $349!

Includes 1 year of Owlcam LTE Service &
3 month free trial of Owlcam 911 Assist

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Owl requires phones with:
  • iOS 11 (iPhone 6 and later) or
  • Android Oreo / Pie (We test and support Google Pixel 2 / 2XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S9, and LG V30)
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When Parked
How does Owlcam protect when parked? The flashing green beacon warns thieves to stay away. Videos and images are sent right to your phone in seconds for motion, impact, and broken glass.
What happens when Owlcam triggers? The LED floodlights illuminate your car and an alert is instantly sent to your phone. You can LIVE View to see what's happening in real-time from anywhere.
When does Owlcam send alerts and notifications? When motion, impacts, or broken glass are detected.
What if my Owlcam is stolen? The camera can be tracked with GPS and we replace it for free when you send us the video.
While Driving
What's being recorded? Up to the last two weeks of driving.
Is my video private? Yes, only you can see your privacy locked video.
How is Owlcam powered? Owlcam plugs into the car's OBD2 diagnostic port.
Can I turn off the inside camera? Yes, with a swipe of the camera's LCD touchscreen or in the app settings.
Military & First Responder Discount
We proudly offer all Military and First Responders a 10% discount on every Owlcam purchase.

To redeem discount, please proceed to checkout and select either Military or First Responder for specific directions.

Thank you for your service!
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