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Tech company Owl has just release what it’s dubbed “the first security camera for your car.” Meet the Owl Car Cam. Not only does it provide basic dash cam functions, but it also functions similarly to a smart home security system except for your vehicle.

Forget the annoying adhesive strip or suction cup style of dash cam — this one comes with a plastic arm that sits between the dash and windshield. The product also comes with three different arm lengths, to ensure that one of them fits your vehicle perfectly.

After installing the Owl Car Cam, you can use your iPhone to scan the QR code that will appear on the screen of the camera. Currently, the mobile app supports only iPhones (iPhone 6 as well as devices running at least iOS 11). If you own an Android, you’ll have to add your name to the wait list.

Connecting your phone to the camera via the mobile app will enable you to stay connected to your vehicle while you’re away from it. When the Owl Car Cam senses motion outside of your vehicle, indicating a potential car thief, it’ll send an alert to your phone. From the thief’s point of view, they’ll see the camera’s flashing green LED on top of the product, a pretty obvious sign that the car’s camera is tracking them. The camera is also equipped with a two-way speaker system so you can talk to the thief via the convenience of your phone, a tactic that should help deter the criminal from making off with your car.

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