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MANCHESTER - Local police are looking for information about a man starring in a video that's gone viral -- a video of him going through a Manchester man's car searching for valuables.

Local defense lawyer Joe Prieto said he usually locks his car doors but might not have done so last Sunday night into Monday morning.

All the man got out of Prieto's car was loose change and a car charger.

But the owner recently installed an Owl Car Cam and there was the thief seen on the video right around 1 a.m. Monday, rifling through the car while it was parked on West Merrimack Street.

Manchester police detective Scott Ardita was handling the matter and asked that anyone with information about the thief call him at 792-5506.

Since Manchester police posted the video on its Facebook page asking for tips, it has been viewed more than 20,000 times, officials said.

The matter remains under investigation.

The incident is a reminder, officials said, that the safe course with any unoccupied car, even in someone's own driveway, is to "lock it or lose it."

Keene police communications supervisor Albert St. Aubin said thieves are always looking to easily sneak into and quickly grab anything out of an unlocked car.

"These people are looking for the quickest way they can score your valuables," St. Aubin posted in comments to the Manchester video.

"They see a computer or something expensive they may break a window. I would bet to say 98% of them are just going for the unlocked vehicles."
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