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The First Car Camera To Offer Live Agent Crash Response Calls

Owl’s A.I. powered car cam that’s been making liars and thieves pay – now looks out for you and your loved ones with live agent Crash Response calls

Palo Alto, CA – November 15, 2018 - Today, Owl announced the roll-out of a first-of-its-kind service that combines the Owl Car Cam’s video security system with an instant emergency response service to assist in the event of a crash. The Owl Car Cam is now the only all-in-one safety and security system available where people need it most - in their cars:
  • Automatic Crash Response: In the event of a crash, customers are connected with Owl Crash Response agents, who are trained to provide high-quality and rapid assistance when our customers need it most.
    • “Is everyone OK?: If a crash is detected, Owl calls and checks to see if everybody is ok through the Owl Car Cam and the driver’s phone.
    • “Help is on the way”: If emergency services are needed or passengers are unable to request help, Owl’s live agents call 911.

Owl automatic Crash Response will be available to all Owl customers in December. For a limited time, all existing and new customers will get 3 months free. After the initial 3 month period, the service will cost $79/year or $7.99/month – one third the price of OnStar.

In addition to the Crash Response service, the core Owl Car Cam experience has big new updates.
  • 99.9999% Vehicle Compatibility: New locking-mount and hardware and accessory upgrades improve performance and make the Owl Car Cam compatible with every car, truck, and RV – everything except the Tesla Model 3.
  • Revolutionary Protection While Parked: Owl’s powerful A.I. recognizes events, labels their severity and delivers alerts to people’s phones 6 times faster - in as few as 5 seconds - anywhere, anytime. And they’ve extended their parking Guard Mode to be 3 times longer – a full 72 hours.

These new features enhance the security already provided by the Owl Car Cam with:
  • Instant Video of your car, driving and parked
  • Video Alerts delivered to your phone for break-ins, dings, and dents
  • Dual HD cameras, for inside and outside views
  • Live View of your car from anywhere, anytime over 4G LTE

Owl is the only car security camera that delivers real results. Since launch in February, Owl users have already shared thousands of videos captured by the Owl Car Cam across the country:
  • “I believe it saved my life” - Delivery driver uses Owl to prevent armed robbery
  • “Now all my friends park near me” - Break-in victim uses Owl video to ID suspect, protect neighbors
  • “I had the video immediately on my phone” - Driver cut off and hit while driving two small children, able to instantly prove other driver was at fault

“The stories and videos from our customers speak more powerfully than anything we could say,” said Andy Hodge, Founder and CEO of Owl. “Our goal has always been to help people be safer and more secure during their time on the road. The results speak for themselves – we’ve empowered thousands with Instant Video protection to avoid unfair blame in crashes and the ability to do something about break-ins. Now with our new automatic Crash Response, Owl gives people the peace of mind of having live agents on call and ready to help in case of a crash.

Launching on Amazon:
Owl is now available on both and Amazon. The Owl Car Cam sells as a bundle for $349, which includes 1 year of 4G LTE Instant Video service. The service includes unlimited Video Alerts and 60 minutes of remote making and viewing video per month. After the first year, customers can renew 12 months of the Instant Video Service for $99 (or $10 per month) and, should a user ever run out of minutes during a month, 60 more minutes are available to purchase for $5 through the Owl Cam App. Without the Instant Video service, users can still access all their video over a direct Wi-Fi connection.

About Owl:
At Owl we love cars and the people in them. In the past we've been leaders on the teams that built iPod, iPhone, HoloLens and Dropcam. We noticed that video security was missing where the most happens: around our cars. In the US alone there are 66,000 car crashes and 6,500 reported car break-ins per day. That’s why we created Owl. Owl has already helped many thousands of people have the protection they need to avoid unfair blame in crashes and do something about break-ins.

Owl is based in Palo Alto, CA.
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