Exclusive Discount Offers
For Our Everyday Heroes

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

You’ve spent your career making sure our country is secure, now it’s our turn to return the favor and protect you and what you value most. To show our appreciation, OWLCAM is proud to offer special pricing for our Military, Medical Staff & First Responders #owlfam members who go the extra mile in their jobs and deserve the protection that does too.

By using the ID.me verification program, military members, medical staff, and first responders have the opportunity to purchase an Owlcam Car Security System with an exclusive discount.

Owlcam thanks you for everything you do and would like to help by making sure you and your loved ones are always protected, whether you are driving, parked, inside, or outside your car – Owlcam will always be your second pair of eyes.

*Offer valid on all camera versions + subscription at owlcam.com. Accessories and subscription-only purchases are excluded from this offer. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No adjustments for prior purchases.

How It Works

Step 1
Add Items to The Cart

From the shop, page select your required camera pack and subscription type.

Step 2
Create an OwlFam Account or Login

On the  checkout page, you will be prompted to login or create an account.

Step 3
Verify your ID.me eligibility at Checkout

Click the green ‘Verify with ID.me’ button. Once verified your discount will be automatically applied in the checkout.


Who benefits from the program?

Military members and veterans, first responders, and government officials.

Troop ID – You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:
•   Active Duty
•   Inactive Reserves
•   National Guard
•   Veterans
•   Retirees

First Responder ID – You are eligible for First Responder ID if any of the below segments apply to you (active or retired):
•   Police Officer
•   Sheriff
•   State Trooper
•   Firefighter
•   Veterans
•   Retirees

Nurse – You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:
•   Advanced Registered Nurse Practioner (ARNP)
•   Registered Nurse (RN)
•   Licensed Practical Nurse (PN/LPN)
•   Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
•   Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
•   Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
•   Certified Nursing Assistant
•   Certified Nurse Midwife
•   Certified Nurse Practioner

How do I access my discount?

To get started and set up your account go to ID.me. Once you have your ID.me account setup, add the items you wish to purchase from OWLCAM.com in your shopping cart. Once you have all items added to your shopping cart select View Cart Once in the shopping cart select Military & First Responders and login with your ID.me account. Once logged in, qualifying products will show a strikethrough pricing prior to c

How is my personal data protected?

Your privacy is important to OWLCAM and ID.me. The ID.me program promises to not share your information and you may delete your account at any time. Privacy is built into the ID.me platform and your data is not shared or sold to anyone.

Why don't I see my discount?

When logged in to your ID.me Wallet on OWLCAM.com only applicable items will appear with the discounted strike-through pricing. Discounted products are subject to availability. Discounts cannot be combined with any other promotion. OWLCAM reserves the right to change or remove a product from the ID.me promotion at any time, without prior notice.

Can I use my Owlfam login to get the discount?

Eligible customers will need to create an ID.me account via the checkout page and then the discount will be applied to cart automatically.

Can I share my discount with non-eligible friend when I use ID.me?

Eligible customers will need to create an ID.me account and then will be able to shop with their special pricing.

What happens if i have issues with ID.me?

Please contact the ID.me Support team if you have questions with your eligibility or difficulty accessing your account – available 8 AM through midnight EST, 7 days a week to assist at 866-775-4363.